Monday, March 18, 2013

Cake on the Brain

Candles, too.  Pinatas.  Goody bags.  Decorations,  Gift wrap.  Sandwich trays.  Silly string.  See, my daughter, son, husband and sister-in-law all celebrate their birthdays* within 8 days of each other.  I've tried to talk 5 y.o. into moving his celebration to October, with me, but no luck so far.  The next 8 days are going to be pretty (*&^%$#) busy, so you'll have to wait for the first more high-quality, captivating posts.  In the meantime, maybe someone should explain to Mr. Target how sales are supposed to work.

Just out of sight?  A three-pack of $10 gift cards, all for only $30!
  Today, I remind you to use your head while shopping.  Don't be one of the dummies who gets fooled by fancy words like "value" or "sale".

Have you snagged any good deals lately?

*Celebrate because they are the actual birthdays.  Crazy, no?


  1. If the tag is correct, that means Target spent money to create useless "As Advertised" tags, and also spent money on advertising products that are not discounted. I would love to see how much their sales increase because of these tags.

    How many of those 3-packs did you purchase? You didn't pass up that deal did you?

    1. Well, the prices are only valid until 3/23, so shoppers better act fast, like I did! I got my phone out and snapped that picture super quick.

  2. For all we know, those $25 gift cards were probably $26, last week....

    Or not.

    Dumb Target.