Sunday, November 17, 2013

10 Things I Hate About Me

If you're on Facebook, you've certainly seen the new thing going around.  Someone shares, "My number is __" and proceeds to write a corresponding number of things about him/herself that other friends might not know.  This is actually one of the least annoying memes (I hope I'm using that term right!) I've seen going around.  I've gotten a glimpse into the inner workings of many of my friends, which I always enjoy.  I have to say, though, my favorite was one posted today by my hilarious friend, Amy:

3 Things...
1. I'm just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.
2. I took the midnight train going anywhere.
3. Don't stop believing, and always hold on to that feeling.
4. Did I do this right?

The other day, I was debating whether or not I should "like" one of these posts in order to get myself a number.  I started listing in my head all the things I would share, and somehow, my thought process went to the movie, "10 Things I Hate About You" (wherein I thought Heath Ledger was awesome before all the other people thought he was awesome), and I thought that sort of list might be funny.  Then, I realized what a mean-spirited thing that was to think; how awful it would be for people to list things they hate about each other.  Then, I came up with this list, of 10 things I hate about me.  Stay tuned at the end of this post for the opposite-of-mean-spirited idea I eventually came up with.  You'll like it, I feel sure.

10 Things I Hate About Me
1. PORES.  They're big, they get clogged, and I hate the way they look.  I sometimes find myself staring really creepily at people with nice, smooth skin and invisible pores.  If you have been the victim of such a stare, I'm sorry for acting like a perv.

2. MEMORY.  It's just not what it used to be.  Sometimes, I blame my children, sometimes I blame my migraines.  Whatever the reason, I simply cannot remember things the way I used to.  At least 2-3 times each month, I forget how to shower.  I don't forget to shower (usually), I forget what I've already washed.  I shave one leg and not the other.  I find myself with a handful of conditioner and conditioner already on my hair.  It's frustrating, and let's face it, completely impractical.

3. EASILY ANNOYED. I rarely get really, truly, spitting mad.  I often get annoyed, and it is often by petty, silly things that don't have any bearing on my life.

I wish that obnoxious bumper stickers, apostrophe misuses, ridiculous advertisements, and people saying, "all of the sudden," "I gave it 1000%" and "conversate" did not make my brain start to itch.  

4. EASILY DISTRACTED.  This ties in with my vast procrastination skills, I think.  I get off task easily, and I always seem to be able to distract myself with silly, unnecessary things to avoid doing important, unpleasant tasks.

5. UNTANABLE.  I've lived in Florida my entire life, and I have never had a good tan.  Of course, I'm wise enough to use sunscreen, these days, but I didn't have a tan before I knew better, either.  I also have a 2-yr-old bottle of Jergens self-tanning lotion that I can't seem to remember to use consistently enough to see any result except orange elbows.  For those of you with dark, smooth skin, I apologize again for my open-mouth stares.  

6. PICTIONARY FAILURE.  I am probably the worst artist I've ever seen.  Almost everything I draw ends up looking like a rabbit, and not even a real, recognizable rabbit.  It's especially frustrating to be so terrible at drawing since I have a pretty creative mind.  I can see things drawn well in my mind, but you would think I was bypassing my hands and putting the drawing utensils in between my toes and closing my eyes.

7. I CAN'T DECIDE.  Ever.  I can come up with options, but I hate making decisions.  I guess this isn't the worst fault.  I believe my inability to make decisions comes from my strong desire to please everyone.  Also, it's probably genetic.  There's nothing our husbands love more than when my mom, sister and I try to plan things.  

8. SLUG.  Other than when I'm running, I'm a total slug.  I often wish I was one of those people who can't stand to sit still.  Instead, I'm driving around the grocery store parking lot looking for the closest spot, asking Rip Claw (formerly known here as 6 y.o.) to bring me my phone, a water, the remote, a diaper (not for me!), and lying on the couch watching television, facebooking, or listening to music all evening.

9. GRAMMAR BLOCKS. I read a lot, and good grammar is something that is important to me.  I don't know why, but no matter how many times I read the rules, and no matter how cleverly the rules are stated, I almost never feel confident that I'm using affect or effect correctly.  Same goes for further/farther.  With affect/effect, I usually just choose a different word altogether.  When I want to use further or farther, I simply try both, decide which sounds better in the sentence, and hope nobody calls me out on my error.

10. HAIR DOING.  My Cupcake (formerly known here as Baby) is going to hate this about me, too.  Similar to my drawing, my hairdos look like I grabbed the brush with my foot, closed my eyes, and then turned a few somersaults.
Not that bad, right?  I mean, the barrette isn't holding the hair away from her eyes, but...
then you see the back.  Uneven pigtails...

plus an uneven part and weird comb-over.  Poor kid.
Don't try to make me feel better about how badly I do her hair.  She sits still and patiently waits while I struggle.  It's definitely me that is the problem.  I don't think I've used a curling iron since I was 12, I use a blow dryer maybe once a year, and a flat iron seasonally.  Each time, I miss huge sections of hair, there are strays sticking out everywhere, and I usually burn myself.  You know those women who wear their hair in a sleek on top, perfectly curled ponytail right in the center of the back of their head?  Yeah, you guessed it.  I stare at them, too, jealous and amazed at their achievement.

So, there you have 10 things I hate about me, and now it is time to reveal my kind-spirited plan. I think you should tell 10 things you love about someone else.  It's like the spirit of Thanksgiving and the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of Sharing Everything on Social Networks all combined.  Be it here, or on your own blog, or wherever you please, just go on and say nice things about someone else.  Kindness is always in style, unlike my hairdo.

Have you ever caught someone staring at you and not known why?

Was it me?


  1. I get annoyed when Target posts "sales" that are the same as their regular prices too! Ughh...if you don't take the time to look, they'll get you! I'm also going to have to learn how to do girls hair...I'm mainly afraid of the braiding. I get caught staring in amazement at the high school girls that can do their hair & make up way better than I can HS my skills weren't so sweet either, but better than jr. high when I wore purple lipstick to go along with my bad perm & braces;-) Happy Monday!

  2. Since you commented here, you will now be treated to 10 Things I DON'T Hate About You:
    1. You accomplish more each day than seems humanly possible.
    2. You're very focused on health and fitness.
    3. You appreciate your children and husband.
    4. You ran a marathon! And followed up giving birth with running a half marathon!
    5. You read and comment on my blog. :)
    6. Your house is clean. I know, I've never even been in your home state, but I'm still sure that your house is clean.
    7. Breastfeeding is important to you.
    8. You follow through with your goals.
    9. You're always thinking ahead.
    10. You (usually) keep my blog reader full.

  3. I would very much like to see one of your rabbit drawings. Have you ever tried drawing with the pencil between your teeth? (<- idle curiosity).

    1. I'm so embarrassed. I meant to reply to this comment with the 10 Things I DON'T Hate About You right away, and completely forgot. Please see #2 for reference. Here goes:
      1. You are SO smart. Every time I have a conversation with you, I think my IQ goes up at least 1 point.
      2. You're a very talented writer.
      3. You're humble.
      4. Important things are important to you. This may sound silly, but I know way too many people for whom the opposite is true.
      5. I enjoy listening to your speaking voice.
      6. You're brave.
      7. You love to learn.
      8. You're good to animals.
      9. I often wish I had been to the concerts you've attended, even when I haven't heard of the musicians. I feel like your taste in music is outstanding, and that if I don't already listen to a particular artist you recommend, I should start immediately.
      10. You're a really good photographer.

      I think I have tried drawing with a pencil between my teeth. Pretty sure it was a game in Youth Group when I was a teenager. It didn't go well, from what I recall.

  4. I am catching up on blogs finally. I feel it is a bit late to comment, but I wanted to say that #5 and #7 are exactly me.

    1. Never too late to comment, as far as I'm concerned! Which leads me to the first of 10 Things I DON'T Hate About You!

      1. You read and comment on my blog posts. Thank you!
      2. You're clever.
      3. You're caring, helpful, and kind.
      4. Everyone should model their Christmas cards after your Christmas cards. I know, then everyone would send the same card, and people would get annoyed. Not me, though.
      5. You have a beautiful singing voice. Nope, never heard it. But somehow, I know it's true.
      6. You're devoted to your faith and your family.
      7. Remember those cupcakes you made to look like pairs of high heeled shoes? I think about those. Often. Like, every week.
      8. I don't believe I have ever known you to be critical of another person.
      9. You're kind. (See #8)
      10. You're good at getting things done.

      Thanks for reading!