Thursday, February 21, 2013

= 8000 words

There's been lots and lots of excitement 'round these parts lately, and I'm looking forward to writing about all of it nearly as much as you're looking forward to reading about it.  Until I can sit at the computer without: 
A. Falling asleep
B. Risking the life of my almost-toddler who tries to put Ehv.Ry.Thing. in her mouth (Remote controls.  Wet wipes.  Shoes.  Books.  Chairs.  Phones.  Light sabers, big and small.  Toilet paper.  Walls.)
C. Feeling guilty about Mt. Laundry
D. Serving as a breathing encyclopedia for 5 y.o., I'll have to put to the test the word value of these pictures.

Care to guess where we went yesterday?
The Dentist!!!

We went to Sea World, too. :-) 5 y.o. is so brave.  He went on the rides by his lonesome since I had to stay with Baby.  Here he is on the Carousel.

I would be lying if I said she's reading books already.  I would not be lying if I said she loves listening to stories and chewing on looking at the books by herself.  

My dad won for his age group at a fun 5k.  Medal-eater not normally included.

My sis beat all but 2 other women in her age group in her most recent half-marathon.

I just realized...I could say this was my first-place medal, and most of you wouldn't be the wiser.  Hmm...
It actually belongs to my brother-in-law.

Fast parents=fast kiddle.  My 8-yr old nephew.

Husband & I spent a ridiculous amount of money on some ridiculously awesome concert tickets.   This is what we look like when we're rockin'.

The time has come for me to bid farewell, for now.  I'm yawning like crazy and I think I hear stinky clothes calling my name.  But I won't leave without dropping an advice bomb on y'all:  Wash your hands.  I'm tired of hearing everyone coughing.

Are you a brave roller coaster rider, like our 5 y.o.?


  1. And worth every thousand.

    Regarding B. - I wonder how you-know-who aka Jack would have responded to chewing competition?

    Probably with the same enthusiasm he showed when covered by a blanket.

  2. I ride rollercoasters only out of pride. I secretly hate them, but don't want to look like a chicken.

  3. Worth at least a 1000 each. What a great running (and chewing) family!

    I am ok with roller coasters for the most part... or at least I was last time I tried. However, I cannot spin. Bad things happen to me on rides that spin. A story for another time.

  4. I am very happy to see you have a new friend to enjoy rollercoasters with. I know how worried you were at your bachelorette party.

    1. Yes, indeed. Now I just need for Baby to grow 19 inches, and we can all leave Daddy behind while we go a'coasting.